40+ Hockey League

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2016-17 season champions!


2017-18 season

Teams play Sundays and Thursdays.

The SLS FSC 40+ Hockey League was formed with a specific intent...

‘ to be played in the spirit of good fun, respect for each other, reasonably priced, sportsmanship and friendly competition’. If this is not what your team is looking for, please do not join this league.

2017-2018 SLS FSC 40 + Hockey League

  Games Played Win Loss Tie Total Points


Here is how the league operates:

Have fun, be respectful of one another, remember, it’s only a game!

  • All players must be 40+. Each team may carry ONE under aged player (38/39).
  • 21 game schedule plus playoffs (Based on 6 teams in the league)
  • Games all scheduled on Thursday at 9:45pm and Sundays at 8:15pm & 9:45pm at SLS FSC. (no rescheduling for holidays and such with exception of no games over two weeks at Christmas)
  • 1 hour 15 minute games (5-10 min warm up, then 20, 20, 20 period running time)
  • Season runs from October to the end of March
  • Teams may drop and add players throughout the season.
  • Two referee system (they start clock and put up goals on clock)
  • Only stats kept are win, lose, tie
  • Teams are to vacate their dressing rooms, tidied up, within 45 minutes of completing their game.
  • No dedicated score keeper or person to run the clocks. Ref will start clock and put up goals on score clock
  • Running time and penalties are 3 minutes (honor system)
  • NO SLAP SHOTS (snap and wrist shots only)
  • CHECKING (no hip checks or full out body checks)
  • FIGHTING (fighting will result in suspension and or removal from league, no refunds)
  • ABUSE OF REF (Physical/Verbal) – will result in suspension and or removal from league (no refunds)
  • Discipline / Suspensions: will be dealt with by the SLS FSC General Manager

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